Introducing the Cord Stick® Multiple Draw System

Welcome to Cord Stick Corporation's web site. This site will introduce you to the Cord Stick® Multiple Draw system. Here you can find out about our product and our service. Our site will show the components of Cord Stick® and its numerous safety features. You may also review the instructions for use, our guarantee, view actual in use photos and a video, and learn how to order our product. There is a page on background as well as a feedback page. Federal law limits the sale and use of our product.


Cord Stick® Multiple Draw System has been designed to collect umbilical cord blood and to aid in the reduction of needle stick injury to healthcare workers. It is intended more>>

Benefits of the Cord Stick® Multiple Draw System

Cord Stick® Multiple Draw System is intended for obtaining two samples of venous umbilical cord blood after delivery of a newborn infant and aids in the prevention of needle stick injury. Cord Stick® has been shown to be a safe, efficient device for routine cord blood collection. more>>


Watch a Video of the Cord Stick® in Use.

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